I‘ve listed all of the new Sleepy Bedtime bears in the shop and I have to say I’m going to be sad when they all go off to their forever homes...I just really love their sweet little faces! The idea for them actually came from my kiddo. She is 8 and still loves to tuck in her little animals and dolls before going to bed. It’s so cute. I think these little bears might help some kids ease into their night time routine, by first tucking in their wee bear before they themselves get into bed. 

As of late, I have soooo many ideas in my head of animals and dolls I’d like to make...along with another group of little Sleepy Bedtime bears! So many ideas, so little time to execute them all! There are days when I wish so much that my craft wasn’t so time consuming, but then there are days when I relish the slow creation of a little creature. It’s a labor of love for sure!