It’s been a looooong weekend here at the Wonder & Kind household! We just recovered from a pretty awful tummy bug that must have been going around kiddo’s school. I didn’t catch it, but did feel somewhat uneasy for a few days. I felt so bad too, because it happened on the night of her very first sleepover at her friends house. She had been so excited all week long- looking forward to that night, only to be up all night sick instead of giggling with one of her besties. Poor thing! Hopefully, we’re all now on the up and up and we can reschedule another sleepover for her Soon! On a plus side, I managed to finish and list two more wee Sleepytime Bear playsets, ship out the last remaining one that was in the shop, and start work on a smaller version of the white bunny I recently listed. I hope to have the bunny completed and in the shop this week so keep your eyes peeled!