I’m working on another small batch of three wee bears this week. I almost have this little guy complete. Part of today will be finishing up assembling, stuffing, and sewing up his seams. I really love the mohair I’ve used for him and it’s my last bit! I’m hoping it‘s still available because I have some other animals I’d like to make with these colors. Unfortunately, it seems that certain mohair colors come and go. Some are on limited runs and once it‘s done, it’s done. I have a small book that I keep all my cut samples in over the years and I get so nostalgic for some of the brighter more fun colors that they had years ago. I especially love a different colored cotton backing, like this little guy has. It gives a pop of color while still keeping with a more traditional color of fur. I’ll be posting a new update on my instagram page when they’re all complete (www.instagram.com/wonderandkind) so keep your eyes peeled!